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  • Brian Nuckols

    Brian Nuckols

    Writer and Thinker

  • O.G. Rose

    O.G. Rose

    Iowa. Broken Pencil. Allegory. Write Launch. Ponder. Pidgeonholes. W&M. Poydras. Toho. ellipsis. O:JA&L. West Trade. UNO. Pushcart. https://linktr.ee/ogrose

  • Andrew D. Knapp

    Andrew D. Knapp

    Professional, entrepreneur, author; not necessarily in that order. Write mostly philosophy, politics, & economics.

  • William Jarrold

    William Jarrold

    I work at the boundary between language, knowledge and data.

  • Geoff Shullenberger

    Geoff Shullenberger

    Marginal academic writing at outsidertheory.com and elsewhere. Follow me @daily_barbarian and @OutsiderTheory.

  • Timothy Wilcox

    Timothy Wilcox

  • Rob Walker

    Rob Walker

  • michael kiyoshi salvatore

    michael kiyoshi salvatore

    researcher | woo apologist | metaconsilience.net

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